غناء : دانه
Written by : Mz.Danah
Beat by : K-SLR Beatz
Mixed by : Maz 
Moo Hamnii Shaaay Productionz
(Ride……… )
Mz Danah , take you for a ride, moo hamni Shaay productions
Come on, come one,
You, you , you’re into me 
Im feeling you too 
So let it be something special and something new 
just trying to get with you 
Got that chemistry 
guess it’s Meant to be 
So come on 
just hop inside 
Take you for a ride
Let’s ride
Hop inside 
You’re my somethin special 
From day one be my only one 
I’ll be your ride or die
I’ll be your main boo
Show you how I really do
get inside 
I aint playin, 
No hesitating
Hop in this new whip, new whip
Take a sip of Realness 
True and down for you 
Is how i really do … 
So what’s up with you?
Do you wanna ride? 
Let’s ride , 
take you for a ride 
Just hop inside
Hop inside
Hit me up
Come on 
You’ll never find something like this
So don’t even try to
fight this 
U huh
Tryin a hook up
Tryin to get with you
You Tryin to get with me 
So let’s stay true
I got what you want …
What you want? 
I got what you want
What what you want?
I got what you want… 
Just hop inside 
I’m feelin you you feel the same way boo so let’s ride .. ride.. hop inside.
Sick of games, ride…